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Distress for Rent

Levy of Distress for Rent is the act of seizing tenant’s property to recover rent arrears. The Distress for Rent Act Chapter 293 Laws of Kenya gives the Landlord/Landlady power to authorize his licensed Auctioneer to seize the assets of the tenant to recover rent arrears.

Execution of Court Orders

Court Orders include; Warrants of Attachment of movable property, Warrants of Sale of movable property, Warrant of attachment and sale of immoveable property.

Repossessions of Motor Vehicle

We offer this service to financial institutions. This done when a borrower defaults on a loan and had used their vehicle as collateral.

Realization of Charged Securities

Realization of security refers to the act of liquidating an asset that was offered as collateral to recover the loan.

Debt Collection

We collect debts on behalf of our clients.

Sale on Commission

This is where we conduct auctions and source for customers at a commission.


These are matters relating to recoveries and obtaining vacant possession and breaking orders.